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    Applying to become a contributor for Symzio:


    1) You must have at least 150 media items for sale on your Symbiostock site.

    2) Your Symbiostock site must be published and operational.

    3) Your media must be of a professional, stock media subject matter and quality.

    There are other terms and conditions, such as tagging editorial media, tagging illustrations, and others. For full terms, go here:


    1) Go to

    2) Click on ‘Join Symzio’ on the bottom

    3) Create an account if you don’t already have one, and log in.

    4) Validate your e-mail address

    5) Complete the contributor application via your account page.

    6) Once approved, you will receive a new Sync Code. Add that to your Symbiostock install and you’re good to go. Symzio will automatically index your included media (you must tag media you wish to have included in Symzio via your admin panel).


    1) Symzio does not host your media – it sources media directly from your Symbiostock site.

    2) When a customer makes a purchase, Symzio downloads the media from your Symbiostock site for delivery.

    3) Symzio periodically pings your site to ensure it is online. If it fails to connect, your media will be temporarily disabled.

    4) Any changes you make, such as adding new images, updating old ones, or removing media will automatically be indexed by Symzio.


    1) Symzio URLs are highly optimized and reserved on a first-come first-serve basis. If, for example, you have a media item titled ‘apple’, if you are the first contributor to submit that media, you will permanently have the URL attached to that product.

    2) Add your Facebook and Twitter links to your contributor profile. Also choose your media types (photographer, vector artist etc.). Your profile page and personalized search results will be highly SEO’d based on what media types you choose. Also add a profile image to increase the stickiness of your profile page.

    3) Always link directly to and promote your contributor profile page on Symzio. Any sales made on Symzio by customers who come to the site via your profile page are automatically assigned to you as an affiliate referral and you get 10% of those sales. If they buy one of your media, you keep 100% of the revenue on that sale.

    4) All contributors are automatically approved as affiliates – add your referral code to the widget, or any links you send to Symzio. You do not need to add a referral code to your profile page; your referral code is automatically and transparently added to any visitor that finds Symzio through your contributor profile page.

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    Do we need to get reapproved for the new Symzio. I could not see how to do that on the new website


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    Hey Steve,

    I’ve made the links a little more navigation friendly in that regard. Just click on ‘Join Symzio’ on the bottom. And yes, you need to re-sign up as it is a completely new system.

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