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    Symzio Beta is now up and running and we’d like to welcome you all to peruse the new site and join in our excitement! We’re very pleased with the way Symzio has turned out and have high hopes for it’s future. The vision for a contributor oriented platform is now here for all of us.

    As we’re still busy tying up final errands relating to the launch, I wanted to pass on some pertinent information relating to Symzio Beta and the Symbiostock 2.1 update:

    1) Although we have thoroughly tested the site, if you happen to encounter any bugs or technical issues with the site and its functionality, please let us know immediately. As Symzio is launched as a Beta, we will be utilizing this phase as a period for tweaking aspects that we may find need improvements as we move forward.

    2) a) Symzio contributor applications are now open. To learn about becoming a Symzio contributor please read:


    b) If you previously signed up with the old Symzio, you will need to register again and re-apply as the new Symzio has different terms & conditions and is essentially a new platform.

    3) a) The Symzio Widget should still function on your independent sites if you applied it to your site as a WP widget. However, if you embedded the widget as code, that code will no longer work. You will have to replace the old code using our new code generator found here:


    b) The Symzio Widget now links directly to Symzio product pages. So if someone clicks on a Symzio Widget result, they will be taken to the relevant stock media’s product page on Symzio.

    c) Only Symzio contributor thumbnails will show up on the widget results.

    4) As a Symzio contributor, you need to have Symbiostock 2.1 installed in order for your images to show up in Symzio searches & widget results.

    5) Symbiostock 2.1 is compatible with WooCommerce 2.4.10.

    6) We’ve added some very useful troubleshooting features to Symbiostock 2.1, full details will be coming in the next day or two.

    Okay, well we are exhausted but extremely excited about this launch and soon our marketing efforts will begin. We encourage you to look through the site, read all the Symzio info pages and TOS to become familiar with how Symzio operates. We look forward to seeing your stock media in Symzio!

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    Do I understand it correctly that images are priced from $0.99 to $4.99 on Symzio.com no matter what pricing the contributor has set on his individual website?

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    To be competitive with the agencies, we’ve priced where we’ll earn about 3 times what we’re currently earning while charging customers less. Canva, for example, charges customers $1 for a One-Time-Use license and pays contributors $0.35. Through Symzio, if I refer a customer to it and get a sale, I will earn $0.99 on that same sale.

    On other sites, for subscriptions, we are giving away our full size images with royalty-free licenses for $0.25 each. On Symzio, the equivalent is $24.99. By integrating the one-time-use license we’re able to be very competitive and still make more money.

    We also determined that it would be better for customers to have one homogeneous pricing model rather than have varying pricing to increase sales.

    The full licensing details are here:


    Obviously, we’re still in beta so things may change as we progress, but I think the pricing is really good for both contributors and customers right now.

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    Are there no image sizes when images are purchased under Unlimited Royalty-Free License, just one price for full size image?

    And once we go over to Symzio our websites for individual sales could be made redundant along with pricing system because why would someone buy directly from us at the prices we set if already higher when they can purchase the same image through Symzio at a very low price.

    If we sign up to Symzio there is no point in any of us having our own pricing structure as Symzio is dictating that in a way and this is quite an issue!

    I think Redneck is referring to this.


    http://www.symzio.com/support – Simple pricing for customers

    One-Time-Use License

    Vectors and raster images (including JPEGs, PNGs and TIFFs) are all priced at $0.99 for small sizes, and $4.99 at full sizes. HD Videos are priced at $29.99 and 4K videos at $59.99.

    Unlimited Royalty-Free License

    In addition to the One-Time-Use License, we provide a simple Unlimited RF License that permits customers to use the media as many times as they want, in as many reproductions, indefinitely. This is priced at $24.99 for images and vectors. HD videos are $59.99 and 4K videos are $99.99.



    Commission structure

    Contributors earn 80% of all revenue generated through the sales of their images.

    Affiliates earn 10% of every sale referred to us by them.

    Bonus!  An exception to the above is if a customer purchases a contributor’s image through their own referral. Rather than earn 90% (the affiliate commission plus the contributor commission), this contributor will earn 100% of the revenue on that sale. This is a bonus intended to encourage transparent interactions between Symzio and each individual contributor’s site.

    Bonus!  Additionally, if a visitor first finds Symzio through a contributor’s profile page and there is no referral attached to that visit, the contributor will automatically gain referral ownership of that customer as an affiliate.



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    “If we sign up to Symzio there is no point in any of us having our own pricing structure as Symzio is dictating that in a way and this is quite an issue!”

    I agree with you Anthony. I hope they will change the pricing and licenses structure while still in beta.

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    Hey Antony,

    An important aspect about Symzio and the way it works with your Symbiostock site is that you can very easily pick and choose what images you want to sell through Symzio and what images you want to keep exclusively on your independent site. We absolutely still endorse and believe in our independent sites and it’s actually quite clever the way Symzio can be used to your site’s advantage.

    As Robin indicated, the pricing set on Symzio was developed after much market research and in terms of the stock agency global marketplace, the pricing system that has been set is globally fit and competitive. The prices are very attractive for customers whilst at the same time provides much greater contributor return (for contributors who sell the same images through existing stock agencies).

    However, if you’re a contributor who covers a very specific subject niche, or believe your images require a higher price point, or you simply have a personal preference for charging more, then a great way to proceed would be to choose a very select number of your best images for Symzio and basically use the presence those images provide on Symzio to attract customers to your independent site. If you want only five images on Symzio to establish a presence, then submit only five images – it is totally up to you. And then promote your independent site via your Symzio contributor profile. Symzio contributor profiles link to your independent sites and in your bio you can state that you have exclusive images available on your independent site. Therefore use your Symzio profile to promote your independent site. If a Symzio visitor likes your work and wants more, they have a direct avenue to your personal site.

    To include/exclude images from Symzio is easy. You can Bulk Edit/Quick Edit/individually Edit your Symbiostock media and select/unselect the ‘Sell on Symzio’ checkbox. Also look at your Symbiostock > Symzio settings. If the ‘Auto-Include Media’ setting is unchecked, then upon adding new media your stock will not be automatically submitted to Symzio unless you manually add it. If you do want your new images to be automatically included in Symzio then you will need to keep the Auto-Include Media setting selected.

    We’ll create a new thread where we can discuss Symzio’s customer pricing scheme and if anyone has constructive suggestions we can analyse all the pros/cons there.

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    I had really high hopes for Symzio as a central hub for Symbiostock when I still thought that contributors remain free to set their prices to what they think is fair. However as it turns out Symzio is just another micro-mini-agency that’s joining the race to the bottom of pricing and contributes to devaluating your work.

    I’m afraid under these conditions Symzio is not for me.

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    Unfortunately, your conclusions are incorrect – nevertheless, good luck with your independent site.

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