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    Jacob F

    Hi guys,

    Sop I have currently just paid for Symbiostock Vendors and have set it up. Everything seems to be okay and have no errors, except that the symbiostock > vendors section where you manage the users, isnt getting populated with users when they are added into wordpress admin > users > add new.
    No matter what role I choose, it doesnt work.

    Woo commerce vendor plugin is installed and working, and the Symbio vendor settings have been enable to work with it.

    If i create a vendor in “add new vendor” it doesnt get added to “users” in the normal wordpress user section. This means I cant change things like password reset etc and is probably not properly integrated into wordpress as an actual user.

    Read the Vendors plugin details for Symbio + the Woo commerce one and cant find much help.


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    Jacob F

    Okay looks like I have an update that isn’t documented anywhere in order to get this sorted.

    The ONLY WAY I have found to get this to work, is by creating the vendor registration page by using this short code on a new page in wordpress [wcpv_registration] , then fill it out as a new vendor.

    This will do a few things:

    Create the user under wordpress admin > all users and assign them a “pending vendor” role

    Under Symbiostock > Vendors it will create them a vendor user account here. It also adds the email address I created as an “admin” to the account within this vendors section, which is probably the part that I wasnt doing if I made it manually, yet isn’t documented anywhere.

    Once this is done I was able to change them from pending vendor to vendor manager, then setup all their vendor specific settings.

    I have yet to test any further but at least I have sorted this out!

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    Hi Jacob,

    This is a result of WooCommerce vendors, not Symbiostock Vendors. If you use Symbiostock only, it operates as expected using the base users list. However WooCommerce creates its own list of Vendors which, as you have outlined, can be different than the users list. I’m glad you’ve figured it out and sometimes these things just take a bit of twiddling to get used to.

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    Jacob F

    Ahh right thanks for that. Can you do it manually if I follow the setup the registration page makes, as in how it makes one user admin of the other, or is it just better to use the registration form?

    I’ll probably use the form anyway but it’s just good to know.

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