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    Recently, a legacy Symbiostock user’s website was de-activated for “causing performance problems” with Blue Host. No warning, the whole account was shut down and even the control panel was inaccessible.

    It is our opinion that this is the eventual result of false advertising where Blue Host, and a number of other large hosting companies, claim to offer “unlimited everything” for less than $5/month. My guess is they hope to bring in lots of users who are going to put up static HTML websites, or basic PHP, but not WordPress sites that are both active, and require database and CPU processing power (which is required to maintain a media store).

    As web hosts ourselves, we can tell you first-hand that it is not economically feasible to offer a reasonable and unlimited service at this price.

    So, although the offers may be tempting, if you are serious about selling media independently, we suggest you don’t go for the cheapest possible option. In fact, having been involved in the LAMP hosting business for over 16 years, we can tell you that one thing has not changed: you must research both the company and the service you are going with to ensure this sort of nonsense does not happen.

    If you take one thing from this, do not sign up for any account that claims to be ‘unlimited’ unless you are just going to be running your independent store strictly as a hobby.

    Disclaimer: If you are with Blue Host or any other host that offer unlimited packages and have had no issues, we hope you continue to enjoy your service. This is primarily to assist contributors in avoiding the aforementioned headaches.


    Im going to get my wrist slapped for bumping up an old thread (sorry Robbin).

    A few months ago i downloaded Symbiostock along with woocommerce.  Everything started to run fine and the setting all in place, i started to upload a batch of images, only 5 or 6 and all went ok, ran the processor and no problems (total file size was about 25mb) i then uploaded about 45mb and this is when the problems started.

    Filezilla would start to stall and images on my sysmbiostock media area would lose thumbnails, details and just would not link up with anything.

    After a few weeks of me, Robin and a few others trying to sort things out i was still having problems.

    I deleted the software and found a ‘different’ plugin that did kind of the same job but with a lot of limitations, again it started to crash out?

    On calling my ‘Host’ i was told the site im building was to big for the system, i technically had 128mb ram shared between 10 of my sites….not good and not what i was told by the sales person.

    so i had to upgrade…twice, so from £9.99 per month upto £14.99 then to £19.99 but the last package gave me 2gb dedicated ram and a better cpu.

    the result…images uploaded in seconds and no problems yet. (touch wood)

    so in all…home work is needed and shopping around is a must.  My last host want to charge me £240 a year for one site..i now can have my 10 site running at full speed for the same price.


    What host you are using now? I recently have headache of server hiccup, image processing errors. Time to upgrade.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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