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    Valentin Tabirca

    I have the following (not so important but annoying) issue:
    On the WP admin page, Symbiostock-All products I have a lot of error messages like:
    Failed to find original media…
    Failed to process file….
    Failed to read image for file…
    I have more that 30 messages now and they don’t disappear even if I hit Dismiss errors. And some of the errors are really old.
    I understand them, I solved most of them, the messages are really useful, but I cannot make them disappear.

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    Will take a look and respond Valentin.

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    Hey Valentin – the solution is in Symbiostock > Settings > Media. You need to update the media location to reflect your new system path. So don’t copy and paste the full line that’s in the gray text field, just replace what needs to be replaced in the text field above it using the gray field as a reference. It is probably the name before /public_html that needs to be updated to the new host. This should fix the issue.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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