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    Terry Hale

    With this, I don’t need a problem solved, but it would be really neat if categories could be assigned to processed images by which folder they are in.

    For example, I asked my client to upload (via FTP) all images to the /ss_media/new/ folder. I did not clearly specify that all images should be in that folder.

    He uploaded everything from his Dropbox folder, and it looks something like this (based on image categories we decided):


    So, understandably, there are tons of errors in the log that are showing up. And there are 5000+ drafts from only a few hundred images.

    Again, a miscommunication on my part, but it would be nice to have folders as automatic category assignments. If anyone has an idea where the code is that processes file locations, I’d be happy to make some mods and present it as a contribution to suggested code changes. 🙂

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    It would be much better if he went in and added the categories to the metadata of the images. This will have the exact same effect and is in fact more efficient since his images will have categorical metadata stored in a manner that can be extracted in the future.

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    Terry Hale

    Thanks, Robin. I will pass that along. I appreciate it!

    Speaking as a developer of many years and seeing the gamut on experience vs complete illiteracy, shouldn’t there be a contingency plan (or code)?

    Not knocking anything, of course. Just saying. 🙂 Again, what you and the team are doing is amazing. Keep up the great work.

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    Walt Payne


    Besides the reasons Robing gave, think about this … if an image is part of a category, wouldn’t that category pretty much automatically be an important keyword anyway? If not, then the image doesn’t belong there to begin with!

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