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    Hi 🙂 I’m very new to Symbiostock but I’m happy to be here (I’m with the plus hosting).  I’m not a professional photographer, but I aspire to be. I enjoy taking nature photography and I signed up here because I think the idea of having my own image site that looks like a gallery and is also a store is great. I’ve been at it for the last few days trying to set up my symbio site so that it looks good and professional (using the express theme), I am a little stuck on a few parts:

    1) I am trying to set up the footer area the way it is the demo site, but when I add links to the footer navigation through Appearance > Menus, it shows up in a single row. How do I make it go in to columns?

    2) I set up my homepage slider using the tutorial. Is there a way to stop the slider from pausing if the mouse is on top of the slide? When I move my mouse on top of the photo, it pauses and doesn’t keep playing to the next slide.

    This is my site:

    Thanks so much,


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    Hey Addilyn,

    I’ll let Dawn help you with that. Your site looks awesome!

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    Hi Addilyn, your site looks wonderful! The green stylizing you’ve chosen really goes well with your niche.

    Okay, those are two very good questions. Creating footer columns requires abit of navigating from section to section, but it’s one of those things where once you’re done setting it up, you won’t need to alter it very often:

    To add your footer:
    1) Firstly, decide how many columns you want and then go to Symbiostock Express > Main Settings.
    2) In the Main Settings there is a setting called ‘Footer Widget Layout‘ – choose whether you want 4 columns, 3 columns or 2 columns. In the Symbiostock Express demo site we used 4 columns. Once you’ve selected the option you want, click ‘Save Changes‘.
    3) Now the next step is not within your Symbiostock Express settings. Instead you have to go to the Appearance > Widgets.
    Depending on how many footer columns you chose, you should find a correlating number of ‘Footer Column’ boxes. So if you selected 4 columns in the previous step, here you will have a box allocated for each of the four columns (shown as Footer Column 1, Footer Column 2, Footer Column 3, Footer Column 4).
    4) To add content to your footer columns simply select and allocate ‘Widgets’ from your ‘Available Widgets‘ area to the column that you want the widget to show in. You can also drag and drop widgets into your footer columns. You’ll have to play around with the available widgets so that you can pick and choose what you want to show.
    5) Now to show links to other pages, the way to do this involves creating separate menus (through Appearance > Menu) for each footer column where you want to show text links. You do this in the same way you created your Topbar and Primary navigation menus (as shown in the help documents), except you do not assign a location through the Manage Locations tab.
    6) Once you have created your footer column menus, go back into Appearance > Widgets and use the ‘Custom Menu‘ widget to assign the footer menus that you created to which ever footer column you want each menu to show up in.

    Writing up a guide for the footer is on my list of to-do’s, but I’m glad you asked, if anything wasn’t clear let me know.

    Now you’re going to love the answer for your second question, it’s much more straight forward.

    To disable the slider pause on mouse hover:
    1) Go to the Revolution Slider tab.
    2) Click ‘Settings‘ for your homepage slider.
    3) Go to Navigation > Stop On Hover: select ‘Off

    That’s it! Now your slider will keep playing regardless of the cursor being placed over it.

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    Thank you Robin, thank you Dawn. I followed your steps and it is working now. I will need to take some time to get the footer columns filled in properly. I may be back with more questions 🙂

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