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    As it appears there is spillover from the wild speculation of Microstockgroup, any posts that are not productive and do not contain the civil amount of humility one should have when interacting with an organization that is providing them something very useful for free will be deleted and accounts removed. We’re trying to move forward here – if you aren’t behaving maturely and professionally about it, you’re welcome to sharpen your pitchforks somewhere else.

    Despite my repeated statements that if you are a legacy Symbiostock user, you are under no pressure to upgrade, I’m going to outline it a little more clearly here – the current Symbiostock system and network is what it is. No one is working on it. This was the case before my taking over the project. Now that I am here, I am providing a mechanism for your current systems to be upgraded – if you aren’t thankful for this opportunity, stay with your legacy site.

    This outlines a clear and distinct fork in the road – the future of Symbiostock is large, focused on generating money for artists, and I’m going to ensure this is done professionally and systematically. Come along if you’re looking to the future – go somewhere else if you’re not.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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