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    Hi guys! Sorry for not responding to queries regarding compatibility updates to the latest versions of WooCommerce – note that we have hundreds of sites using Symbiostock, and it was always intended to be a standalone plugin built on top of WooCommerce and WordPress for convenience.

    The WordPress ecosystem is notorious for releasing updates every day, week, month, citing huge security updates, but we, as Symbiostock developers, have been running 2 year old stable releases with no issue. If you are someone who keeps wanting to update your site even though it has no bearing on the success of it, we encourage you to do so, but Symbiostock cannot sustain development to keep up to date with unnecessary changes implemented by the WordPress organization.

    A lot of money is made through this mechanism of constant updating, and it is done to generate the one source of revenue they are able to through the GPL licensing system: subscriptions. In fact, it is borderline dishonest the way a lot of GPL software built on WordPress attempts to sell software under the guise of a mandatory subscription model, whereas all the software must legally be offered for free.

    Symbiostock Pro, on the other hand, is NOT GPL. And due to this, we have nothing to gain by releasing unnecessary updates, and accordingly, only update the software when required. We do understand one of the caveats of this is that your WooCommerce version may no longer be compatible with some 3rd party software that is newly released, but as previously mentioned, our goal has always been to provide a free monetization solution for media producers so they are not at the mercy of agencies.

    In addition, it is difficult to run the gambit of testing required to update all our software with new versions of WooCommerce, as since Symbiostock Pro does not utilize any form of subscription monetization, we operate on a barebones budget to ensure stability with each release. This is why although the software continues to be supported, most of our personalized support is achieved through paid supports requests as available on this website via the support link above.

    Thank you for all your support so far – we recommend new users always first install Symbiostock on a fresh WordPress install, then let Symbiostock install everything else for you. This way, you will have a fully stable release that you can sell all your media on. 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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