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    I am very new to Symbiostock and I cannot figure it a lot of things. I wish there were some instructional videos.
    I have a few questions…

    1) If I want to upload images from an event and there’s over 2000 images? Since it has to use WooCommerce, do I have to set each photo one by one within WooCommerce?
    2) Can I set a price for individual images within the gallery and a price for the entire gallery?
    3) When setting an image gallery, do I have to first create a category then add the image?
    4) Can you use Elementor with Symbiostock?

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    Hi Marty,

    1) If you are using Symbiostock Pro, then no – you just upload them all into your FTP directory and it will automatically process them via the processor. If you are using Symbiostock Lite, then yes, you will have to upload them each manually.

    2) Using Pro you can set a price individually or use the licenses feature. You cannot add a price for an entire gallery as such, but you can create composite products using WooCommerce extensions, or use Symbiostock Anytype to create a ZIP file with the whole gallery.

    3) It depends on the theme you are using. But generally no, a product does not need to have a category.

    4) You can use any theme that works with WooCommerce with Symbiostock.

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    Hi, Im new here and I try to start selling photos by my own. So I installed a test system under xampp on a windows machine. Unfortunately I do not find a helpful tutorial how to realise the process under windows. If I start the process manually it works, even when I copy the url and paste it in a new tab the process runs once. But starting it form a batch file opens my page, without running the process. Has anyone a idea how to solve this, I already spend two evenings without any progress. I know how to write batch files, i know the win-scheduler and how it works, my win version also has “curl” but I do not know how to use it correctly. If I copy/paste the curl sentence from the SS-setup and run it, it gives me errors like “Can’t find the …”
    Thanks for your help, greetings from germany Tebo

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    Hi there – sorry, we’re not able to assist in running URLs automatically via a Windows system.

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