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    Justin called me today to let me know that he has temporarily had to turn off the connection for Symbiostock sites to PicturEngine. He is currently planning for marketing to start in July.

    He’s going to CEPIC next week (panelist and for discussions) and expects to be able to turn Symbiostock back on some time after he gets back.

    I asked if he wanted me to post the status here and he said yes – just in case anyone wondered about the shut-off.

    He is still very full of enthusiasm for the project and the various things he’s working on patenting for image search, but clearly it’s a longer road than he first envisioned.

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    Justin is an exceptional person. Also a good friend 😀

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    I have also had a message from him about being turned off. I suspect the problem might be something to do with the extended descriptions used to try and improve seo. That and being on a shared server?

    If it is the longer descriptions that might cause a catch 22 situation – wanted for seo but upsets PE - trying to reopen - Art and Nail Art

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    I’ve always been annoyed by agencies that restrict titls or descs — esp’ly when it means WE have to do extra work to edit down to what they want (happens often with editorials – SS requires a lot of extraneous junk, so captions get longer than other sites qant)

    simple solution is just to truncate to whatever the site wants (not CHECKING for this sort of problem is a notorious way that malware et al gain access to systems!!!!)

Viewing 4 posts - 61 through 64 (of 64 total)

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