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    Hello guys,

    For a client i have been installing and uninstalling almost every photo selling plugin possible within WordPress and Magento but i keep ending up with Symbiostock. Main reasons:

    – running on WooCommerce (integrates with accountancy programs)
    – nice design ++
    – upload features are dead easy, Imagemagick integration simply wonderfull.
    – good SEO basics already present

    Now i am facing some remarks for the final choice in relation to the clients wishes. Don’t know if i should post it here (as i am new) or as future request (as it’s actually a future request 🙂 ).

    Password protected sections
    As the client is a photographer, she also wants to offer her clients to order photos from specific folders.

    Order online Prints
    With the same above option (password protected) she has the wish to offer clients the opportunity to order prints online instead of downloading them after payment (option). Collect images, pay and then “sent” the originals in a downloadable .zip to  the website owner. Sent the low quality photos to the client in a .zip as refference. Website owner can download the originals in a .zip from the link and process the print order.

    With this added it would become a 1 piece of software offering it all without harsh integrations to any print company (or probs add that as paid plugins, happy to pay somethig for the software).


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    Password protected products:

    I don’t know what you mean by ‘folders’, but the only way I know how to protect certain products is by password protecting them. There may also be a WooCommerce extension that does precisely what you’re looking for, but you’d have to dig around:

    Order online Prints:

    This is mostly do-able by just checking the ‘physical product’ checkbox under the Symbiostock > Licenses tab for the desired license you wish to use as a print product. However, with this, no zip files are generated for either the client or the website owner – the owner would have to manually download each of the images required for print and do it that way, and the client would not receive a small version of the image. These functionalities can be added, however, with some custom coding. If you do require this, PM me and we can see what can be done with regards to a custom job.

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    Hello Robin and George,

    Thanks a lot for your replies. It took a while for me to answer here as i saw that i did not get any notifications. Sorry for that.

    I will try out the mentioned plugins and @robin i will get back to you if i need the custom work.


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