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    I have just purchased the Anytype addon and have two issues with it:

    • Orders for ZIP-files are stucking in status “processing”.
    • Purchased media files can not be downloaded anymore

    I do the test purchase as follows:

    a) adding the article to shopping cart
    b) pressing checkout-button
    c) entering necessary information
    d) pressing “purchase now” button

    After that I am redirected to the PayPal-website. I chancel that step. Then…

    e) in Woocommerce order-list I press the process button.
    f) I receive an e-Mail with payment confirmation

    After a minute the purchase of a single media file is marked as completed and I receive an e-mail with invoice and download-link. This has worked perfect before I installed Anytype. Now the download link is not longer available (error code 404).

    The status of ZIP-Files still stuck in “processing”. No e-mail with download link nor invoice is sent out.

    Thanks for helping

    PS: I have purchased the Anytype addon because the order process was also stucking with the product bundle plugins from Woocommerce as well as YITH

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    Hey Danyel,

    Please PM me your WP login information and I will take a look.

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    Also send me your control panel login information for your hosting so I can confirm the environment is correct.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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