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    I’ll tell you why I love meatballs. Oh wait it was about the forum.

    “4) Personal messages that don’t involve e-mail addresses being exchanged. I don’t mind given the current situation where we’re all developing sites, but if the audience got broader, I want to be able to offer forum help without giving out my e-mail address to people I don’t know at all.”

    Personally people can find me here or there or just do a search, but I think for some people, it would be better to not have your address public. Also SPAMMERS can collect them much easier.

    3) This forum takes people off site, instead of opening the link in a new window. Any message with a link, potentially, loses a person to something or somewhere else.

    2) The other one has more support and options for you the owner. Including a good SPAM filter and registration system.

    1) You can make the IP tracking visible which will reduce some of the problems associated with trolls. Not that this place appears to have any problems with that. But just in case.

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    I like the current forum. Haven’t been on a whole bunch though.

    I think it would be cool to get tapatalk support, and some user settings like notifications on replies and things like that.

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    I think that is a good move. As stated by other personal messages without email exchange is good, also Tapatalk is used a lot in forum community. The home feature is great but at least less important.

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    Just registered for the new forum, but I can’t change the password.
    When I tried to change the supplied password to my own, I got a message that the typed-in current password is wrong.

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    I just changed mine and was able to do it successfully.

    What I did notice was that there was my user name filled into the field for confirming a new e-mail address (which I wasn’t changing) so I deleted that. I typed in a new password twice and pasted in my generated password into the current password field.

    Is it possible one of the fields you weren’t changing had some bogus information in it?

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    Leo, not sure if it would be helpful for actual phpBB, not sure what version it is, but:

    – Advanced block mod:
    – Other 5 methods:
    – Other methods:
    – more:
    – “Googleing it

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    Lets see how we do so far. I’ve installed one big tank of a spam system — its amazing. I thought I saw a way to bookmark posts…I’ll come back to this depending on how stuff goes.

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    As somebody said SFM also faces SPAM. How to avoid SPAM at SMF:

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    Thank you, Joan
    Maybe that was the problem (email address filled in).
    I deleted the pre-filed email address, re-entered it and then password change worked flawlessly.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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