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    PIROG News

    Hi there,

    I would like to build a small photostock, very specialized (and in french !), on my own website but not only for my use : there will be a few different contributors and i would like each of them to be able to manage its galeries, prices and receive its income. I would like to take a percent commission for the management  and visibility of the website.

    In fact, i would like to build a small and simple Symzio with Symbiostock ;).

    Is there a way at this time to manage different contributors with Symbiostock ? Is it an conceivable  idea for the future or it’s not the purpose of Symbiostock ?

    Thanks in advance for your response,


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    WooThemes has a Product Vendors Extension for 79$

    but I don’t know if/how it will work with Symbiostock.

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    Hi Mickaël,

    As it is right now, Symbiostock is not built for this purpose, exactly because Symzio is already there and was the plan from the beginning. I have spoken to some members who have custom coded little parts here and there to actuate what you are talking about, but it is something I cannot directly advise on technically.

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    Personal advice, it doesn’t really make sense to set up multiple nano agencies and split the power of contributors. I’d recommend applying to join Symzio instead and to promote it as good as you can.

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    PIROG News

    Thank you all for your responses.

    In addition to the technical aspects, there is also an invoicing and legal impact for us, french photo authors.

    I will make other tests and wait for official responses from institutions to decide what solution is best (or just the possible one !).


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    Hi PIROG News,

    Did you get any further with this? I’m very keen to know if Product Vendors works with Symbiostock so I can run a multi-vendor stock site.

    Also keen to know if anyone has achieved front end submissions?



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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