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    I’m going to be moving for the next week or two, so although I will be checking in my responses may be more sporadic and less immediate than normal.

    I’m really glad our launch has gone as well as it has, and I’m genuinely happy to have so many great and talented artists that entrust the small but dedicated Symbiostock team to power their sites.

    As Symbiostock is quite stable, I’m just going to let you know what our priorities are right now:

    1) Making the related products list more specific. Right now, this list is powered by WooCommerce and unfortunately is not entirely specific. We hope to make it better soon.

    2) Adding video to Symbiostock PLUS for an extended period then release it for standalone users.

    Simultaneously with all of the above, I am going to be opening the discussion on Symzio – we’re going to discuss the specifics of how the Symbiostock exclusive aggregating search engine will work. This is an important priority for me because now that Symbiostock is out and working its magic, I really feel geared towards not just powering your sites, but getting you sales. This goes double for our PLUS users because I want your monthly costs to pale in comparison to your return.

    The ultimate goal for me is to facilitate a sustainable environment where us professional independent artists can generate at least an average of $0.30 to $0.60 per image per month through both our independent Symbiostock sites and through Symzio. Of course, this will vary considerably on your subject matter, pricing, and quality control, but I want to re-open the opportunity for anyone serious about stock images to be able to truly make a safe living from it without relying on anyone else.

    I will start the discussion thread sometime in the next few weeks and I encourage all Symbiostock users to participate. I will be presenting my idea of how it will work and discuss all of your thoughts and suggestions, implementing the best of them in the final infrastructure.

    Make no mistake – Symbiostock is just the first step. Getting your independent site out there and generating sales is very important. But it is the communal effort towards Symzio that is going to flip the landscape. And it cannot be accomplished if we don’t do it together, with positive energy and vigor.

    Again, thank you all for your support!

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