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    1. I’m using the Symbio Theme and I’m finding that other people are displaying more images after they click on category then I am. Is this on the shop page and is there a short code for this or is there something else I should do so I can display more then 2 lines of images?

    2 .I’m trying to set up google analytics and they want me to past a code into a dns zone editor but the instruction from Google uses a different editor then the one in C panel. I’ve looked through both the editor on my C panel and also searched out how to do it, but either this C panel is new or old and its different. It says to paste in and change the window to text but I find no place to put text. Please advise.

    3. Converting Adobe 1998 to sRGB I have all my jpegs from Adobe1998 color setting because it captures the most color. Do I have to change thousands of images to sRGB? Is this normal for all or just Symbio? It’s another setback and it will take weeks to change them all.

    Thank you

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    Hi there,

    1) As I do mostly backend stuff and we have lots of Symbiostock Express users, hopefully someone can chime in regarding this specific theme tweak. In the interim I will see what our team can deliver in that regard.

    2) To verify your site for Google Analytics, uploading a text file to your domain is generally the easiest way. Why do you need to access the DNS settings?

    3) You don’t have to convert your images at all – Symbiostock should be able to deal with any color space and will not even alter the original file. So it should not be necessary to convert anything manually.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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