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    Hello. We have the Symbiostock Lite, Pro and Vendor plugins. We’re having issues lately, since about a month ago, when we decided to add to our products licenses for prints (physical product) in addition to our downloadable licenses. Since then all the licenses for downloadable products, and prices we already set and that were working, got messed up. Now some of our products show the new licenses for prints while only few of licenses for downloadable products show up. In some other products all licenses show up but all with the same price. We checked in the product variations and it seems that some licenses don’t show up because there’s no price, while the price is set in the license. We’re using the recommended Woocommerce Version 4.9.2. We also tried to delete the licenses and to set them again, updating prices and licenses many times, but with no results. We deactivated all the plugins to see if there were conflicts but the result is that there’s a problem in the Symbiostock Pro and Vendor plugins. How could we solve this issue? Thank you.

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    Hi there – can you please PM me your login information for your site and we will take a look, thanks.


    Ok, we will send it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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