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    Eduards Normaals


    I can’t figure out how can I keep original JPG quality for the image downloads.

    If I upload .eps + .jpg (with the same filename through FTP) so far all works as expected. I get ready to publish product with all metadata, .eps as an “Original media” and .jpg as an “Alternate image”

    If I check and download through admin panel the alternate .jpg it is without any quality loss. (Here: )

    The problem starts when I download an image (from the customer side) with the license settings that even doesn’t change the image size dimensions. The image downloads in the same dimensions but with a lot worse quality than original.

    In the license options if I choose “Sell unaltered: Yes” then it downloads only .eps
    But if I choose “Sell unaltered: No”, “Output media type: JPG” and leave blank “Media output width/height” then dimensions of an image is the same as original, but the quality is affected.

    It is not dramatic difference and affects mostly some areas of the illustration, but anyway, it wouldn’t be the quality that I expected when buying the image and wouldn’t like to sell something like this to others:

    Seems that it is possible to upload on FTP only JPG, then it becomes as “Original Media” and if downloaded keeps original dimensions and quality. But this way wouldn’t work for me because then I loose the .eps file.

    So far I would be happy just to somehow be able to download JPG as it is, without any changes. But ideally if somehow I could set up how much the optimization happens. Then it would be possible to set up other licenses where JPG is resized to a smaller size as well, but right now there is too much of a quality loss.

    As well I tried to change the settings in Symbiostock->Settings->Downloads->Render quality But that doesn’t affect anything and images when downloaded stays identical.

    What could be the problem?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Same with the initial settings

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    Hi Eduards – thanks for sharing your issue. We will look into this and get back to you, thanks.

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    Not sure if this works for jpegs uploaded via FTP for SymbioStock to process, but I have previously used this function to ensure no loss with jpegs during normal jpeg uploads in WP.

    // Zero Image Compression Setting //
    add_filter( 'jpeg_quality', 'stock_photography_custom_jpeg_quality' );
    function stock_photography_custom_jpeg_quality( $quality ) {
      return 100;

    Put in your functions.php file and see if that helps

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    So was my solution the “resolved” or does Symbiostock now fix this itself?

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