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    Hi Guys,

    I have read a thread related to my question already but I am having difficulties understanding it.

    We offer a photography service and once the shoots are complete we will be uploading the images to our website for our customers to purchase. All images will be the same size however we want to offer 2 licence options:

    1, Digital 960 x768 @ 72 dpi
    2, Print 960 x 768 @ 300 dpi

    Now the post below seems to suggest that because they are digital the dpi is irrelevant.


    Our findings however, are that in most other stock image websites, you are able to select the size and choose the dpi and on experimentation there is a huge difference in the quality. We require this difference to be able to distinguish between print and digital as many of our clients will be printing their images to showcase in their homes.

    With that in mind we need to be able to offer our customers the option of low or high quality. Am I right in assuming that Symbiostock was not created to do this or am I missing something?


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    DPI is dots per inch – so that means, pixels per inch. Since all resolutions in digital format are the same per inch, there is no such thing as DPI in regards to images. They are simply, resolution. However, if you are going to print something at 90DPI, then a 90×90 digital mage will fill exactly 1 inch of printing space. If, however, you decide to print at 300DPI, this 90×90 image will then be less sharp, because now each pixel is going to be expanded to cover more than one dot per inch, and will therefore look pixelated (theoretically).

    So the same image (90×90) is theoretically a 90 DPI image, whereas the same image in a true 300×300 pixel format could then be considered a 300DPI image, assuming it also is only supposed to be printed in a 1 inch box.

    So this all means that the same image at 90 DPI is basically 90×90 pixels, and the same image at 300 DPI is 300×300. So putting the raw resolution there is in fact, the most accurate way of achieving this.

    However, if you want to inform your customers of the approximate size at certain DPIs, you could add a filter via WP that would tell customers this information.

    In essence, the answer to your question is, yes, Symbiostock supports any DPI, and selling various different DPIs of the same image. Instead of DPI, we use resolution, which in print is sometimes converted to DPI to determine the print size.

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