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    I have uploaded 1000 images to my site in November 2016 and all has been fine. However now when I try to upload new images (using the same process – FTP) the images are not processing. I just get the default Symbiostock thumbnail displaying on my site. The title and meta data come through as expected, just not the image, and no thumbnails are generated.

    I have reset the cron code, all diagnostics are green, ran the wizard which says all is ok, I have deactivated all other plugins. Nothing is helping.

    I have turned on processor error reporting but cannot find where to read the error report?

    Symbiostock Pro v3.4.2

    WooCommerce v 2.5.5

    php v5.6.29

    Please help?

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    Hey Martin,

    Thanks for all that detailed information. Please PM me your login details and I will take a look to see what could be the issue.

    As there is no hard limit on images, and most sites have more than 1000, it must be some issue regarding your server or hosting platform that is causing the issue, or another plugin or some other setting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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