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    Im building up a Symbiostock site, with Symbiostcok Express theme, and i’m a bit confused about product pages. I’m new to Woocommerce and this version of Symbiostock.

    After an hour wondering how to create a product page and add it to a menu, I found that there is already a “Shop” page that was created when I installed Woocommerce and Symbiostock.

    But now, how can I create a category product page? I mean a product page that lists only images in a single category, not every image in the store.

    I don’t even know how to replicate that  “Shop” page if it was not created automatically in the first time.

    Thank you for your time.

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    This may not be exactly what you mean, but I create my category menu in a slider on the front page of my site (I do this is the Symbiostock Express menu in Home Layout under Custom Carousel settings. You need to upload an image that acts as the menu item and type in the category page, which on my site is

    Each category that I create has its own page like this – I didn’t create them, they happen automatically. So one for Cats would be

    Is that the sort of Category Product page you are looking for?


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    ashly hales

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