• Hello,

    Im building up a Symbiostock site, with Symbiostcok Express theme, and i’m a bit confused about product pages. I’m new to Woocommerce and this version of Symbiostock.

    After an hour wondering how to create a product page and add it to a menu, I found that there is already a “Shop” page that was created when I installed Woocommerce and…[Read more]

  • Ok, I think I found it.

    Unchecking ‘Personalize Interface’ at Symbiostock settings allows me to manage ‘Non-Symbiostock Products’

  • Hi,

    I’m building up a Symbiostock site. I’ve seen that Symbiostock plugin hides the Woocommerce ‘Products’ menu at the backend. I would like to sell through the site not only Stock images, but other products.

    Is it possible to unhide the ‘Products’ menu in order to manage an usual Woocommerce store without affecting Symbiostock functionality?

    Thank you