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    I have recently imported 400ish photos into SymbioStock and added a tag to each item using the bulk edit. The tag was called ‘Regular’.

    Since then, I have decided to add a new range called ‘Premium’.

    Now, I’ve created a new licence and set them both so they only search and apply to their associated tag, regular or premium however, I went into the bulk edit option and selected the items I wanted in my Premium range and added the Premium tag. This caused them all to then say ‘Out of stock’ and I can’t remove the ‘Regular’ tag without going into each product individually. Obviously I don’t want to do this but it also gives me concern as if I wasn’t to add new licences further down the line, is this also going to give me issues?

    My immediate question is, how do I bulk REMOVE tags as adding new tags in the bulk editor only adds the tags to existing ones, instead of removing / replacing.

    I did manage to find a plugin that allowed me remove products from categories in the bulk editor but can’t find a similar solution for the tags.

    Can anyone help with this issue?

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    Hi Garry – that’s a good question, and it’s a weird thing in both WooCommerce and WordPress. The back end edit feature is dictated by WooCommerce, so your best option is to look for a bulk tag edit tool for WooCommerce specifically that will allow you to accomplish what you want. Symbiostock has nothing to do with this unfortunately.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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