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    My site ( is getting indexed by Google now – it seems to have taken about a week since I uploaded those specific images. I don’t know if this is because of the way Google is indexing me, but if you search for “empty borders store manassas va” in Google Images, my image is the first one that comes up. Going through to the page doesn’t take me to the page where you can buy the image – it takes me to a search page for “deserted” on my site that does include the image of the Borders store, but mixed up with other images that contain the keyword “deserted”.

    Is there anything we can do about that, or will it sort itself out in the end as the full site is indexed?


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    Hey Steve,

    As you can see via this:

    We are improving on specifically the image SEO so it improves your results. However, since you are number 1 already that won’t affect that phrase. As for where Google is linking to, it is likely that this is a quick fresh crawl and Google will eventually determine that the most relevant place for that image is the product page itself. There is no way for us to control that, but generally Google tends to be smart enough to link directly to your product page.

    The way Google works now is they do deep crawls and they also do not so deep crawls. The deep crawls are performed less often. Accordingly, it is possible they quick crawled your search results but haven’t had a chance to deep crawl every single product page as well.

    Regardless, it is really good news that your images are showing up in Google results. Symbiostock along with SEO plugins is great when it comes to keywording and titling. 2.0 will improve on these things in a more aggressive manner.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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