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    Paul Smith

    I’m using a theme – acnethemes Click – that displays each of my Post ‘s featured images as a Gallery of posts on the front page. Click into one of them and see all of the images, again as a gallery style, on that post page. If I click one of the photos it displays it in a page with e URL [domain]/?attachment_id=43

    I have enabled breadcrumbs and I see this: Home >> PhotoName >> PhotoName SiteName
    That 2nd link – PhotoName – links to the Symbiostock product

    Under the image I see ‘Next Post’ but it has the same PhotoName as the page it’s on and, when you click the link, it takes you to the Symbiostock product

    So my question, what’s the best way to link a gallery item like this to the Symbiostock product? It looks like all I need to do is change the words ‘Next Post’ to something like ‘Purchase Options’ or similar.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hey Paul – so are you saying you just need to change some text? Or other stuff?

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    Paul Smith

    Hi Robin

    I found a solution to this first in Gutenberg, which edits using custom blocks. They have one for WooCommerce called Product Block. However, I found that Gutenberg was doing a few extras that I didn’t want, and so I removed it. I found that my products were still being linked, so when I looked at my Posts in detail I found this short-code

    [products limit="16" columns="4" category="38" orderby="date" order="DESC"]

    So, I have a Post that has a Post category and I have products (photos) of the same or similar category. The above short-code enables you to link the categories so that the products appear wherever you want on your Post entry.

    For me this works well because I will write a post about the walks that I do. The post has a gallery of images that I snapped along the way. I can then link the photos of the same category in with my post. Happy days.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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