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    Evening Gang

    Bit of a strange one, not a pain but could confuse anyone downloading my images.

    Im my licences i have blogger, small, medium, large and extended.

    i have set up a free image as a sample for people (image size is 6016 x 4016 at 3.2mb) link below

    now, when i order all the image sizes (blogger to extended) fill in the customer details and complete checkout i receive my email with my file links…so far so good.

    when i click on blogger, small & medium all will down load as file to my ‘downloads’ folder

    when i click on large or extended (both are the same size – full image) both will open up as browser windows and not file down loads??

    why would this happen…the link is here.

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    This happens because full size images are not processed by PHP (which is more inefficient) so it uses a different download method. However, it is something we’re going to try to address in the next release as it should act as a download prompt for full size as well. Sometimes, however, this cannot be avoided.


    Ahhh, thought as much.  I upped my php to 5.5.33 lastnight to see if any changes would happen.

    Are you looking at an option to download all purchases as a Zip file, so say the customer purchased more than 4 images then it would auto down load the batch as a single zip file.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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