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    How about adding Cookie Law Info plugin to Plus users?

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    The best way to do something like this would be to create your own page then add it to a menu.

    I assume you’re talking about an information page explaining the cookie/privacy policy? Such things are controlled by WordPress so it may be good to look into ready made privacy policies provided by WordPress users:

    You can use this method to add any information pages you want, including terms of use, privacy, even a policy referring to if users want to get refunds or if they want custom work.

    Also, regarding the EU cookie law, it seems they’ve made it so you don’t need explicit consent anymore:

    It appears (although I’m not the legal reference, but based on what I’ve read) that all you need to do is inform customers that your website uses cookies, etc, and in doing so you become compliant. You should double check this to ensure that is the case however.

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    Yes make a own page is a good idea. In a few days I will make one.

    Thanks Robin for great answer.

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    Kevin Norris

    Jetpak offers the EU Cookie law widget you can add to your site.  So easy to use, just instal and forget, See mine : 

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