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    Taylor Wilson

    Hello, from what I’ve read here in the forums, I don’t think this is possible, so I’d like to make a feature request for hierarchical product variations. I’d also be curious to hear if anyone has come up with any work-around for this.

    I’d like to be able to sell my photos in several different ways, all from the same product page. I’d like to be able to sell stock photos, with both royalty-free licenses and rights managed licenses, all with different resolutions. I’d also like to be able to sell prints with different physical dimensions, and then I’d like the customer to be able to select from a variety of frame options. Finally, I’d like to be able to sell my images on custom products or keepsakes, like mugs, postcards, puzzles, etc.

    Creating unique licenses for all of the above, and having them all in the same dropdown menu would be confusing and unsightly.

    What I think would be a great addition to your awesome plugin, is a license hierarchy. A customer would be presented with a dropdown menu with a few general options, in my case “Digital,” “Prints,” and “Keepsakes.” After making this selection, another dropdown menu(s) would be presented with options specific to the previous selection; if a customer chose “Prints” then menus presenting things physical dimensions, frame type, and canvas medium could be presented.

    I don’t imagine this being a particularly easy thing to accomplish, but it would be an addon I would be more than willing to pay for and I think it’d be a feature that would help continue Symbiostock’s already unmatched list of features.

    If anyone has any way of achieving something like I described above, I’d very much appreciate your ideas and feedback. Thanks!

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    Hi Taylor,
    Thanks very much for the suggestion. You are correct, this would be exceedingly complex to implement given the way WordPress works. We will look into integrating it with Symbiostock Express as this may be possible from a thematic perspective with minimal alteration to the database.
    Will let you know!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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