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    I need to download all my images from my server. I can do this via ftp from my SS-Media folder. But the problem is that the system has renamed all the original files to “ssxxxx”.
    Is there anyway to bulk download the files with the original name? I notice that when I go into any file settings I have the option to “download original file” and then it downloads with the original filename to my computer. But having to do this with every file will take ages.

    All tips are welcome 🙂

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    Hi there – there is no way to do this using the base system. All the files need to be renamed as if you upload files with the same original name (1.jpg, for example), storing them in the same folder would be impossible, so Symbiostock must rename them. The reason you get the original file name when you download it manually is because Symbiostock manually renames it for that download specifically.

    You could do this programatically as the file names are stored in the database, but you would need to be familiar with PHP.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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