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    Hi there,
    first of all, thanks a lot for  developing such a great tool!
    It’s already, what we’ve been looking for.
    We’ve purchased and installed the whole bunch. Everything works fine.
    Next step is, to get pictures and videos of more than one artist. Is there a possibility to have more than 1 upload folder? And is there any way to get the artists name into the SKU. Or is there any other way to mark media to different artists?

    Thanks a lot and greetings from germany

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    Hi Sandra,

    We are considering developing a multiple users plugin but this will not be available for some time still. In the meantime, if you just want to tag images with artist names, there are a couple of options:

    1) Just add their name in the tags/keywords.
    2) Add it in the ‘Author’ metadata of the image on your home photo editor and when it is uploaded, use the custom exif field to then extract it. You can then use this to print it out elsewhere. If you do not know how to do this, you can submit a paid support request and we can code something up for you.

    In addition, you can do a middle ground solution – instruct all your artists to add ‘thisartist Jennifer Lee’ or something as a keyword. Then a custom function can be printed on the product page to extract this from the keyword and then print it somewhere for customers to see. In addition this will make it searchable.

    Let us know more specifically what sort of functionality you need the artist information for and I’ll let you know what the best solution might be. There is no way to have multiple upload folders right now.

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    Hi Robin,

    thanks a lot for your reply.

    The reason why I asked for different upload folders or to get the artists name into the SKU is because we need to know the sold pictures or licenceses for every single artist. So is it possible for you to find a paid solution how to get the artists name into the SKU?

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    if you were to give each photographer a file naming structure and used original file names, that could be a short term fix.

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    Really? That would be great, but I have no idea how to realize it. I’m using Symbiostock for the first time. Would you give me a hint?

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