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    Hi All!

    Has a development roadmap been released?

    I’ve invested a fair amount of time configuring Symbiostock to work with and for my site, which btw, has been a much better experience than many other plugins of the same nature! Thanks for that! Essentially, before I sign up with Symzio and use Symbiostock as my primary WooCommerce image plugin, I’d like to be comfortable knowing that development is still ongoing, what the estimated release schedules are and know what to expect in upcoming releases.

    My primary focus is to use Symbiostock as a companion app to WooCommerce to sell my photos. Having discovered Symzio thereafter, I’m interested in adding it to my business model, but need to be sure that it is sustainable and has a future. (Not that I think it doesn’t!!)

    What actually prompted me to write this post was to enquire about the estimated WC 2.5 release date (don’t you hate it when consumers ask for release dates!). Fortunately I’m just looking for ballpark figures!

    Thanks for the great plugin and support so far!



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    Thus far, we have nothing in concrete, and are unlikely to make any predictions. The reason for that is that we are constantly presented with new desirous options which quickly get added (sometimes overnight), while other, less necessary updates take longer.

    However, as for consistency, the central Symbiostock team are all contributors themselves, whose livelihood is dependent on stock image sales. Given how much investment has already gone into the project, and the great future potential, I don’t see development stopping.

    However, there will be lulls in releases as we are a small team and need to manage a load of things at any given time.

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    Hi Robin,

    Thanks for the response! In that case I’m happy to help where I can. I’ve written some shell scripts that help me do sanity checks on all folders but will adapt to just Symbiostock plugin and send them via pulls requests. Github repo I found was:

    Let me know if you’re ok with that?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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