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    I want to include a copy of my current EULA with every purchase, so there’s an enduring document of what the customer agreed to at the time, for every purchase. Please chime in if you have a better way to accomplish this – I’m ruling out making bundles of the purchased image and a EULA pdf with the new Anytype functions (although I am going to use this for new product bundles) because I already have 400+ products uploaded and I’m not gonna recreate them all over again.

    I tried doing this with the WC Email Customizer plugin which was good EXCEPT it only allows you add to the email ABOVE the purchase specs and billing info, etc., which is no good. I need my EULA (which is almost 3 full pages of text) to appear BELOW all that, as a postscript to the email.

    In the meantime, I got advice from a WC support guy who gave me this:

    “<span style=”color: #2b2e2f; font-family: ‘Lucida Sans Unicode’, ‘Lucida Grande’, Tahoma, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 14px;”>Have you seen our documentation on customizing the email templates directly?</span><span style=”color: #2b2e2f; font-family: ‘Lucida Sans Unicode’, ‘Lucida Grande’, Tahoma, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 14px;”> </span>  <span style=”color: #2b2e2f; font-family: ‘Lucida Sans Unicode’, ‘Lucida Grande’, Tahoma, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 14px;”>It walks you through how to create custom email templates to modify as you wish and add any additional info you need.</span>”

    So this process seems like it should work with the regular email templates that are already in WC without having to buy this new extension mentioned in the link (still waiting to hear back from him for confirmation on that point). But I tried to dig into this and it’s too technical for me, I don’t understand how to do this –

    …can someone please dumb down this process into baby steps for me so I can try this?? Or alternatively, provide a simpler solution?

    Thank you!!



    Kenny Kiernan

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    Hey guys – I haven’t received a reply from you here. I followed the WC guy’s more recent instructions and tested a simple edit. I got my order email but never received my Order Complete email, even though the order completed according to my dashboard.

    I reverted to the original email template and made two more test purchases, which eventually went thru but one took 4 minutes and one took 9 minutes. This of course is way too long, and Robin will remember we already had fixed this issue awhile back; current times have been a minute which is fine. Why would editing the email template affect the processing time?

    I went back to the template and test-edited it again, and now it’s back to not sending me the Order Completed email, even though my Dashboard says it has been completed.

    Here’s the new-and-improved instructions I got from WC that started this trouble:

    “”The easiest approach would be to go to the WooCommerce > Settings > Email section and copy over the email template you wish to edit into your theme by clicking this button on the email template edit page.

    screenshot at

    Now via FTP you can edit the email template on your site that you copied over to your theme and add additional content to it etc. This template will override the default WooCommerce templates now and display your edited version instead.”

    Seems to make sense. I did what this guy said, and made the edit right in the Edit window from the cpanel. But it ain’t working. So I need your help!!

    1. Why is this simple edit to the email template causing all this trouble? I just need to add my EULA text to the bottom of the email template’s text before the footer; this doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal.

    2. I need to get processing time back to a minute with the new text in place in the email.

    3. When I restore the code back to the original state, it’s still taking too long for some reason.

    So I’m stuck here. I was planning to launch tonight or tomorrow but I can’t until this issue is fixed.

    Please reply and help ASAP, thank you!!


    Kenny Kiernan

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    Hey Kenny –

    Email templates are written in PHP – unless you know how to edit PHP, you will not be able to edit them properly.

    I would suggest you simply add whatever extra content you want to the footer text of all your emails and see if that works for you. You can edit the global footer text under the WooCommerce > Settings > Emails tab.

    Regardless, unless the template is bugged, it should not really affect processing time.

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    Success! Thanks so much Robin, yes that works and processing time is back to normal. Much simpler solution – whew!

    Kenny Kiernan

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