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    We will update this as Symbiostock periodically standardizes itself with the current WooCommerce release.

    Currently it is 2.5.5

    Download here: 2.5.5

    Do not upgrade your install higher than that. If you do, and the database is upgraded, you may not be able to use Symbiostock until a full reset is done. This is accomplished by going to your WooCommerce System Status and clicking on Tools. Then click on the delete everything checkbox on the bottom. Then you must de-activate WooCommerce and delete it, then install the correct version.

    In doing so, all your products will be lost. So, again, we strongly recommend you never upgrade WooCommerce, and certainly never upgrade the database when prompted unless you check this thread to confirm that Symbiostock is compatible with that version.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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