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    I’ve read about quite a few issues regarding cron jobs on symbiostock. I’ve also noticed that Amazon Lightsail is being recommended as a hosting solution. Could someone provide some very specific documentation as to how to set up cron jobs with Amazon plesk for success? I’ve tried for several days and come across many different solutions, some of which are below. None are working.

    Currently I’ve entered the Symbiostock processor (cron job) line into Scheduled tasks in the plesk admin area. Is this correct?
    Some other solution offered are below:

    Use If this is being recommended some more specific instructs would be appreciated:
    1. Disabling existing cron job through the wp-config.php file (define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true); OR deleting scheduled tasks in plesk. Which is correct?
    2. Specific instructs on settings for after the initial job is set up

    Also read one method by disabling jobs in the wp-config file, THEN entering the following in Scheduled tasks in plesk:
    wget -q -O – http(s):// >/dev/null 2>&1

    One solution from a few years ago: Hi there – try using this:
    instead of just curl
    or try using wget instead of curl
    DirectAdmin may have unique needs but this is easily solvable. Don’t fret.

    I’ve tried variations of all of these, but none are working
    My cron jobs currently will only run manually.

    Any clarity much apprectiated.

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    Hi there – the instructions for Lightsail are here, and the bottom includes instructions on adding the cron job to lightsail:

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