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    Hello i need help with symbiostock cron job.

    Yesterday i only had a problem with an unsolved woocommerce order – it has a processing status but is not editable. Also the woocommerce>Orders Site is not reachable. (btw. other Order Tab-Sites are reachable, like ‘On hold’ or ‘Completed’. So i think there is a problem with this the one order who not will be processed.

    No i also have a problem with the symbiostock cron job or processor. .. after every run, the processor crashes.

    i try’d to reset the cron timer and reset the Cron Code. But without effect.

    Now no new media will be processed from ss_Media input.

    Do you anyone had the probelm bevore or can help?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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