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    When I upload images they automatically take the appropriate licences that have been set.  If I then subsequently wish to change a licence profile for a number of images I have to go through them one by one as I can not select them on the media display screen and then edit the licences assigned via Bulk Actions – Edit.  Is this functionality that exists and I am missing it?  If not is a feature that would be considered to add as it would improve work flow?  Not sure how technically difficult it would be.

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    Hi Geraint,

    It depends on what changes you are making. Pricing, for example, can be bulk changed. If you change the pricing in the global licenses page, all you have to do is click on ‘Update prices?’ and submit. Then it will automatically update all the prices for that license on all the products that have it assigned.

    Another bulk feature is the adding or removal of licenses. If you assign a license to images, for example, via the global edit page, you can click on ‘Update licenses?’. This will add that license to all the raster images. Likewise, if you disable it for rasters and do the same thing, it will remove them.

    The maximum dimensions is altered in real time so all you have to do is edit the license globally and it will update it immediately.

    Finally, if what you are looking for is the ability to bulk assign/remove certain licenses, this is not a feature yet, but I will look into it. The biggest issue with this is that by default, the wordpress bulk edit form does not pre-populate, obviously, because it can’t determine what the preexisting data may be for multiple products. So if this feature were added, it would be an overwriting system which means that you would have to select all the licenses you want every time you edit it.

    I will be adding more bulk edit features, such as licenses you apply only to editorial images, etc. What I may do is add neutral flags to images just so you can internally join certain images and then bulk assign them that way.

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    Hey Geraint,

    Actually, there are a number of third party plugins that can achieve this function. I will look into finding the best one and add it to the PLUS server. There are a number of WooCommerce addons I am going to be adding to the PLUS server very shortly. One of the benefits of running in conjunction with such a popular engine is we benefit from the plethora of extensions that already exist for it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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