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    Hi! My girlfriend has over 5,000 eps and jpgs that she has submitted to shutterstock over the past 3 years and I would like to create a dedicated site for her. I installed Symbiostock and drop a folder in ss_media / new and it did start to process the images but created some additional images from which I was unsure the origin. Is there a detailed mapping of the EXIF metadata we need to have populate that is beyond this –
    And is there a csv or xlsx bulk import and export feature to bulk update metadata including pricing?

    Does the $150 plugins extra come with support tickets and or is there some custom migration consulting for a situation like ours? We have the stocks organized by year, month. So we could test one month. And finally is there a 30 day money back for the $150 plugins?

    This looks pretty amazing as is, but it’s a lot of stuff going on. Also, is there anything that points to all the files involved in doing work and a central logging system to see what is going on?

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    Hi, selling vectors is a bit more difficult like, jpgs and it’s definitely a lot of work. If you someday familiar it work’s like any other agency upload _ I can give you some insights:

    – if you plan to sell JPG licenses, the alternate JPG upload is recommeded for correct metadata parsing and color handling.
    – for SEO reasons, i can not recommend to publish vectors without correct metadata parsing. so i decided first to upload Vector &JPG in draft mode and publish then separately.
    – the artboard size in your vector tool is importend for the processor.. in the beginning i had problems and errors with handling and downsizing this kind of huge images // it could be a good idea to test this on local machine
    – be sure, if you then publish more than 20 images at once – every server will become very much load. the more products you have on the server, the more power is needed for the processor.
    – this server load can block web traffic on regular hosting provider machines and small hosting packages -> so after two years and 5000k+ products, my first hosting provider tells me i have to leave 8)
    – i’m not a programmer and have to learn a lot about coding and hosting but i can suggest a virtual ubuntu server droplet with 4 processors and 16bg ram works fine with 10k+ products in database.

    Now i have 70GB Symbiostock-data and with frontend optimzing (gzip-, js-, css-compression)i will get a good page-speed around 2-5 seconds depending on server and user/request location.

    last but not least : selling PDF-licenses could reduces the filesize a lot and can be offered with the Anytype Plugin. I’m not sure if this is the best solution -> for upload them in bulk, firstly i upload an empty EPS and good quality JPG for all media, then i will get with csv-Export product numbers but i#ll only need them for renaming the anytime-pdfs.

    .. and if anyone would ask me, if i could do this job for 5000 products, i would take 20k Euros – at least 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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