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    Is there any easy quick way to add multiple images to a product category. Im creating categories for regions and so far I have to go through each image one by one and assign it to a product category. Is there not a way to batch this as im dealing with hundreds of images at once that all need to be assigned to the same category?

    Also, can I disable pricing and make the download possible for free or with a coupon code?


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    Hi Ian:

    1) You can auto-populate categories by adding the appropriate metadata:
    You can do this prior to upload using your favorite editor. Photoshop will do this but I do not know if it does this in bulk.
    Here is a sample software that may work for you:
    When uploaded, images will automatically be categorized.

    2) Yes, create a coupon code within WooCommerce that offers a 100% discount. Or you can price the license at 0 and it will be free.

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    Mark Phillips

    For those that have a fixed set of categories, the advice from this page –, means that one should write to SupplementalCategory and Category fields of the categories we want to have the image associate with before ingestion?

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    Yes – so if you have a metadata editor such as Photoshop or RAW, and you pre-populate one of these fields:

    ‘SupplementalCategories’, ‘SupplementalCategory’ and ‘Category’

    It will put the image in a category of that exact name. It is a good idea to test one first to ensure that the category field you are filling is working and being recognized.

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