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    I am doing some test uploads trying to work out symbiostock and I am having an issue when adding products where every license is always getting applied to every product no matter what changes are made to licence filters or product page and there seems to be no way to get only correctly tagged products to display under their designated license types.
    well at least that is what the Product License Page is telling me however in the individual product page it seems correct..

    I upload 6 products that should go under only 3 licenses,
    I have 14 license types total which are all very different and on the license editing page under “count”. they will all show all 6 products being under every license.
    I am certain the filters on the license edit page are all correct but no matter what I do every new upload always gets added under every license type regardless so all 14 license types will get the 6 new products listed under “count” for each of them and when clicking the count number for any licences type I will see “all” products listed on the page it shows.

    for added confusion , when looking at the editing page for any one of the products under license I will see the only the expected correct 3 license types which tells me the filters are correct but the numbers under the license page are telling me different to what the individual product page is telling me.
    what this means is that we cannot browse by license in admin or front end eg: /license/license_vectorsmalljpeg/
    because it always shows all products regardless..
    It also means that the front end for each product is show All license types under “Additional Information” as links to each and every license type that when clicked on takes the user to a list of items under that license eg a page such as license/license_4kvideo/ will list all jpegs and vectors and everything else and vica versa regardless of whether the product belongs to that license or not.

    is this a bug or am I missing something?

    I am using symbiostock with the enfold theme and latest version of woocommerce

    another issue is that the information under the media on the product page where it says License Type:
    when licese is switched it gives a links for each type : One Time Use, Extended etc which are also broken..
    those links are trying to go to a page such as /licensing/#license_smalljpeg or /licensing/#license_extjpeg but are not atempting to actually open that page link but instead it fades to black with navigation arrows and a message saying “the image could not be loaded”..
    I am not sure if that is a related issue or a seperate other issue.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for describing the problem in detail.

    1) The license list in the backend in WooCommerce showing 6 may be wrong or right, and is somewhat irrelevant overall because as you have said, in the end when people go to the actual product page, they are only able to see the 3 licenses you want them to. It is possible it is showing 6 because those licenses CAN be added to the product, but it could also be a bug, albeit one that does not functionally affect purchases.

    2) All the licenses showing up on the front end is something that can be disabled via your theme by hiding that box as well – again, does not affect the functionality of the site.

    3) The issue with the One time use license type links opening an image that does not exist is definitely a theme related issue. This should open a new page that informs customers what the terms of those license types are.

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