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    Leo, could we have a “Popular Images” widget? It could be just a duplicate of “Featured Images” … we create a category called “Popular Images” and the images of this category are showcased in the widget (so I hope its not much work to implement it).
    I already use “Popular Images” on my front-page, but it is self-made and I don’t like it very much 😀 (for example I didn’t manage to make it work properly on mobile devices). I would appreciate a possibility to have a second widget with which I can showcase specified images (not just the most recent I have uploaded) “Featured images” in the side bar and “Popular images” under the slight-show for example.
    I suggested that already in the Development threads, but I think it was misplaced there … sorry for that … the spark of enthusiasm makes me stop thinking sometimes 😀

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    I’d like to extend the existing widgets a bit to allow multiple options. That will happen when life has gotten a bit eaiser with SYmbiostock development and shiney happy people holding hands.

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    Leo, is there an “easy” way to write SYS widgets that do not require YOU altering any code?

    I.E. If someone wrote a widget to display release info, can they package it in such a way that the end user can just download it, upload it and drag/drop into their images page?

    Or a widget for popular images/holiday/promos/etc?

    I’ve never written a widget, but since they tend to require less coding overall it might be something I can manage…but it does little good if the end user needs to update filex.php and blah/widget/hooks.php etc. Or that it requires you releasing a new update/version.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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