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    If there had been an option for polls I would have created a poll for this question but I am curious, what do your standard licences permit ?

    Single use or use anytime anywhere any number of uses
    Royalty free terminology or something different
    Open or limited print runs
    Use for resale items (clothing/calenders/etc) or not

    and, if you wish to add it, why – such as your images are still at agencies and that is what they do ?

    If so and your images were not at agencies would you do things differently ? - trying to reopen - Art and Nail Art

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    I have opted for a single-use license. I never liked the royalty free license, where someone gets to buy your image for a few $ and then use it on as many multi-million dollar projects as they like. I think that it is only fair that someone pays per use.

    I also offer extended / enhanced licenses, but at this point the customer needs to contact me for that.

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    That is my feeling also – single use, limited print runs, no royalty free and I have recently included extended licences, for anything different they can contact me. - trying to reopen - Art and Nail Art

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    Single use, print runs up to a circulation of 100K.

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    I’ve created a license that has restrictions on print runs and product use, etc. but requires my permission for subsequent uses. I took the view that I have very little control over how an image is used, especially for a second time by the same person, and so I wanted a license that was not RF (so I could put an image on my site and also on Alamy as RM), but would not put people off.


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    Mine is essentially royalty free although I describe it rather than using that term. I offer an Extended License (although I haven’t got it posted on all images yet as the License stuff is seriously deficient IMO) to lift some of those limits

    Multiple uses, print run limits (100K), no items for sale or templates on the standard license. Extended license lifts those.

    Unless I had some truly unusual images, I think having terms that are too restrictive means either that people will just violate the terms or that they’ll shop elsewhere – there’s a ton of places to choose from.

    Right now I’m not marking anything as exclusive as I will probably upload everything in time elsewhere. New stuff goes to my site first and later to others (at least that’s my current thinking)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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