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    Thanks! I’ll give that a try tomorrow when I’m not half-asleep.

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    @klsbear wrote:

    Would the step-by-step instructions be:
    Go to my C-Panel and they select the File Manager
    Highlight the root directory
    Add a file that has has the info between < and > (including those symbols). Do I create that as a text file on notepad and upload or do I use the New File option right on my file manager page?

    And when it says to “call your_site/info.php” I understand that “your_site” means that I insert my site name there but where do I “call” the site – is that another way of saying I should put in the search bar as I would put any site url and that calls up the info?


    for info.php you can use this file (note! never trust files like that 🙂 check the content first!) download it to you disk

    goto cPanelFile MahagementFile Manager and navigate to the folder where your symbiowordpress root is (if not sure check if it has files like symbiostock_image_info.csv, symbiostock_keyword_info.csv etc.)

    click ‘Upload’ button in FileManager (check the folder you are uploading to), select the info.php from your disk and upload

    and yes, in the browser navigate to /info.php

    UPDIHMO: I think it is better to delete the file after the check, it looks like it gives a lots of data of your website structure

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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