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    Over the time that this project existed, features grew as people needed them, and as a more diverse group of people started using Symbiostock, still more needs developed.

    Some of the more technical needs were:

    – Specialized gateways for people who don’t have access to paypal due to location.
    – VAT Tax requirements.

    Due to everyone’s diversity, there are still more personal needs that might not have been met in the current circumstances.

    Other things (generally speaking):

    – Improved site appearance and visual appeal.
    – Some pesky little bugs remaining in transactions and signups.
    – A more interactive customer cart (which is only half addressed by the buggy cart manager)
    – Plus much more not addressed here.

    That Mythical Future Symbiostock Version

    Over the last year I’ve developed the new system, and it’s about 75% there considering feature completness. Its quite clean and simple in comparison to our present “legacy” version which was built reactively.

    As it goes, with every development comes new concerns, possibly new bugs, and growing need for features. This time around we are doing things smart by not reinventing the wheel.

    So what can we expect? A vastly simplified, yet greatly improved Symbiostock which covers ALL the concerns of an advanced modern day online store, plus those of a do-it-yourself stock agency.

    As if that were not enough, due to the reduced concern over functionality, we can focus more on appearance – that is crucial in an image driven market.

    I’ll spare you a great deal of detail as that might only raise many questions – what we can say is this:

    When you set up the new version of Symbiostock (after some initial testing) you will also be supplied with a converter plugin to switch over your previous products to the new system.

    The greatest goal is a stable product with a community that is happy.

    Ideally Symbiostock should be a simple and happy experience despite its complexities. After so much done already, we might just achieve that.

    What to expect

    – A few updates on our present version based on what people presently need (ie, little fixes here and there)
    – A testing release of the new version is possibly two months or less.

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    Thanks for these informations Leo 🙂

    It looks great !

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    Sounds great!
    Waiting patiently 😉

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