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    Hello everyone,

    I’ve been making slow but steady progress on upgrades and some of the minor fixes needed.

    Having come so far, I think Symbiostock will grow slowly and naturally now if we let it. Slower growth is healthier. Otherwise we’re going to end up with disproportionate limbs and not be properly acquainted with our own body :D.

    But seriously, search engine rank is like wine. It gets better with time. The same as our own personal growth – patience is best.

    A bit of a slowdown is also needed because I also need to slow down. Immensely. Literally – my time should be spent ONLY on bug fixes, modifications, and helping new purchasers on unique issues they might have.

    Slower growth also means more experienced people to help fewer new ones, as opposed to too many new people not getting enough help.

    Slower growth also means the market we gradually earn (as we have thus far) will continue to be relatively large in comparison to the amount of images available.

    In general though, slow and steady wins the race.

    I hope this small change of direction on my part is welcome for everyone. On the other hand, if anyone else has interests and ideas related to the network, or even develpment, its always a free territory to build on.

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    Imago Borealis

    Slow down? Yes, very welcomed move, Leo!
    That’d give me a chance to catch up. I haven’t even found time to thoroughly check out your premium plugin I bought a week ago. I need to tackle the new license options and hope the batch editor will allow for the changes/additions in an easy fashion. My site in general needs some polishing. All that while I try to keep up uploading. Pfeeh! – And now there is that 2.6.7 version already that sparks my curiosity… 😀

    I think Symbiostock is on a good track even if not everyone in the network or on the fence might agree with slow and steady.

    Great work, Leo!

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    Yeah, slow down. Seriously.

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    slow down, Leo, and stay steady and healthy yourself !

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    Although I’m allways curious about the changes in the theme and the pro-plugin I appreciate a litte slow down too … and I understand that you need it Leo. Enjoy your family and the nature around your “burning mountain midst the Pacific” 🙂
    This gives us all time to work on our sites with what we’ve got right now (which is a lot).

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    Taking care of your health is always the best option. From what I can see you’ve built an awesome thing and like WP it will grow…in it’s own time. WP adds new, cool stuff but they didn’t have every feature people wanted in version 1… I hardly remember version 1. Some core features, but nothing like it is today.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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