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    I worked with a new hoster (Imagick PHP, shell_exec command, Memory Limit 256 M) : upload ok! Image in Media: ok! .
    Now :
    How do you for will locate a search box (the Woocommerce search box) on the home page?
    The “Advanced settings” does not work for me with Symbiostock express (version: 1.0.4) !



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    Hi Joel

    Not sure I understand what you mean? You have a search box in the top row that seems to work OK? I have mine in the main menu bar but just show the magnifying glass.

    I’ve taken the view that people are almost certainly going to come to my site through a google or similar image search and will land on the page they are looking for. Hence the most important thing is to have good “Similars” on that page so they see some choices. As a result I want my home page to look professional but don’t expect many people to actually use it.

    Time will tell, of course!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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