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    He’s just a lazy guy. I have a strong feeling that we are the winners and not his ISto… At least we try to make something out of it.

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    LOL I can only handle MSG in small amounts (no pun intended) due to characters like him.

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    The fact that self-hosted is ranking as 5th means people who maybe wouldn’t have considered before will start to wonder how. Symbio is a good way to go. What kept me from doing it a couple years ago was I didn’t want to spend the time developing the application to upload/process/watermark/publish images and the application to search/buy/download/track/etc images.

    I hate doing the marketing because I feel very awkward about promoting my art & stock. Probably inherited that from my artist grandmother, who was amazingly talented and didn’t like selling her work because “Why do you want to pay money for that?!” *shaking head* My mother, on the other hand, (like many moms) will tell everyone and anyone that I’m a photographer/artist/etc and “Don’t you think you need ?”.

    I find it hysterical because I’m not shy in the least but talking about what I’ve created makes me feel like a moron.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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