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    @redneck wrote:

    Martha, I think your images are great but might not be a good match for W61. They’re mostly interested in European lifestyle and travel images.

    Personally I believe the number 1 reason why you haven’t had sales with your site yet is that your photography is covering a niche that’s only in demand with a low percentage of the entire stock client potential. Your work is great but there are just not as many people (in comparison to mainstream stock themes) who need it. But I’m sure the longer your images are listed and indexed with search engines the higher is the chance to attract people who are actually looking for it. I’d say keep up the great work and don’t get discouraged.

    Thanks so much for that encouragement, Andre. I do know I’m shooting a niche that has many suppliers and relatively few buyers. Still, I’m lucky in two ways: I don’t have to make a living from this, and I absolutely, totally, fanatically love doing what I do. I spent decades shooting wild birds in the swamps and deserts before I first dipped my toes into stock.

    So… sales or no sales, I’ll keep at it as long as I’m physically able to.

    And yes, you’ve confirmed what I suspected about W61. Florida ‘gators and Black-tailed Jackrabbits aren’t exactly what they’re looking for! 😀

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    Hmmmm. But one of the most popular strawberry images on Offset was supplied by Westend61:

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    lists all prices — it hasn’t changed much since the start

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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