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    Any advise on the timing of when you should create posts to social media and when you should start a marketing campaign?

    I have noticed that if I create social media posts or marketing campaigns on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, that my response rates are significantly lower then if I start on Monday. Specifically if I create a twitter or FB post on these days I get very low feed back rate, where as Monday thru Thursday are usually very active.

    I am wondering if any one else has noticed this or if there has been any research into this?

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    That mightbe why #ff ( friday follow/follow friday) started ? Short message followed by list of names that everyone on that list just retweets, or better, adds their own message and copies or replaces some names and posts/retweets/favourites.
    Il tried it to a couple of people on friday but it just sat there, probably because Corina is not online this weekend

    Most forums are quieter at weekends as well - trying to reopen - Art and Nail Art

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    I created a new blog post this weekend and posted it so the search engines can start indexing it. I plan to post about it on my FB page but will schedule the post for Monday morning for the reason you mentioned. It gets more views and likes. I just recently began tweeting and I will follow a similar plan for weekday tweets.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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