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    Google webmaster shows the top sites that sent traffic to a persons site on a cumulative basis. I had someone on the top of my list for months after they dropped me from their network. They slowly dropped over time once I no longer got incoming links by showing in their search results but are still on the list as #10. You are still on my list too at #8 despite not being on the network for awhile now.

    It also tallys incoming links when someone goes to a persons site by clicking on a link in their signature so anyone that clicks on a link in your signature here, at MSG or any other place you post will also provide an incoming link. That is why the .org site is showing. I just searched “Pomegranate” on the .info search and none of your pics are returned and you are not on the list either.

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    I think you should star by editing your signature. You promote your site as a ‘Symbiostock Website’

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    I remov ed you from my database as soon as you announced it some months ago — be sure you’ve turned off networking on your symbiostock site though, as there are others who still have network links to you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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